Worx started out as a cover band playing music from bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Journey and Rush. In 1984 Worx was creating a buzz in the B'ham metro-area which got the attention of the late Bernard Dittman, owner of then WAPI / I-95 in Birmingham.  Dittman, who had produced Mark & Brian, (a radio show that became a nationally cyndicated TV show) was looking to book a couple of marquee bands for his station's third anniversary bash held at Blue Water Park in Pelham, AL.  Worx, along with another locally popular band were signed to the billing, which was followed by an aggressive radio ad campaign.

News of the water-filled rock quarry event hit the radio waves for tens of thousands to hear.  The day of the event saw the opening band hit with a passing rainstorm.  Frustrated, they left the stage.  When the sky cleared, Worx took the stage and played the rest of the day.  This one event legitamized Worx as a premier band in north-central  Alabama. 

Although relocated and with some new faces, Worx records and performs their own music, as well as select covers from the 70's, 80's and 90's.  The super-hits from the super-groups!

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