Rocket Drums and Vocals:

        Joining the band in Feb/2022, Robert brings a high dose of talent and energy.  Hailing from Mobile, AL, Robert is not only an accomplished drummer, he also possesses a great sense of humor that keeps the band grounded, in stitches and on edge. 

        In 1975 Rocket was gifted his first drum set, a Pearl acrylic tiger skin set and he's been rockin' ever since.  A self-taught drummer with the influences of Queen, The Police, Rush and Led Zeppelin to guide him.  He played his first solo drum concert in 1975 for Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings at his father's home in Nevada.  He describes his style as syncopated rock drumming between the likes of Stewart Copeland and Neil Peart.  If he could play with any band on Earth it would be The Police or Journey.  

       Rocket brings originality with influences from 80's arena rock drumming to Worx.


Billy \ Guitar and Vocals:

     From the band's early years to present, Billy has been the one true "foot soldier" for  Worx.   His father played guitar in the 1950's group "Walt Benton & The Diplomats", which was out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

      Billy was exposed to a wide range of different music styles at a very early age.  Playing guitar at age 6, and singing at age 15, he has honed these two talents into one tightly wrapped package. 

     His playing and singing offers audiences a chance to see and hear something special.  Being able to sing lead vocals without taking away from the guitar work is a rarity these days, but to do each with spot on accuracy is quite another.

      Playing in a band that holds itself to a higher standard really does come across in the sound of the music, and in the fan appreciation and applause.



 Sean \  Bass and Vocals:


     Holding down the bottom end for Worx is Sean.  Not only well-versed in the "classic arena rock" genra, he adds in on lead and backing vocals.  He's also versed in more "technical" style playing that comes into good use in Worx.

     Sean has played with several local bands in the Atlanta area and definately has a very potent delivery on stage.  You can't help but have your eyes drawn to his execution on bass.  He's also a very formidable singer and sings lead vocals, too.

     Playing in Worx allows Sean's full arsenal of talent and musicianship to really shine.  Whether a slow ballad or a fast-paced jazz-fusion instrumental, he has it covered easily.  You will definately see and hear the prog-rock influence in his delivery.


Steve-O\ Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals:                


     Steve joined the band in September / 2007 and is known as "the best utility man in the business."

     Steve was a guitarist and keyboardist for a couple of  local bands that played in and around the Mobile area.  After the inevitable band break-ups, Steve came on board ready to get prepared for one of Worx's biggest shows of 2007 on the first day of BayFest for a local radio station.

      His added talents on guitar and backing vocals are welcome attributes for Worx.   In a live setting on many songs you can see Steve with both hands on the keyboards, as well as having that trusty Stratocaster strapped on.  It's quite a treat to watch Steve pulling double (sometimes triple) duty on stage.

     Steve is a big reason why Worx has such a full sound that their fans have come to know.  It's a magical thing to hear and see a 4-piece band that can generate a full wall of sound that rivals other bands with five and six members.


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